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The key for a successful online business is getting your message across easily and appropriately.

The usage of quality images is one of the best ways to create visual impact which immediately grabs the attention of your visitors. When used properly, pictures and images are able to convey ideas and concepts in ways that words cannot.

Whether you sell products or services, in today’s marketplace to stand out from the crowd and be successful, you need powerful branding and professional quality graphics.

Having professional and creative designs will help increase impressions and conversion rate. From websites to social media page covers, logos, flyers, business cards, loyalty cards and coupons.

Visual marketing is everywhere.

Quality images can take your website and social media marketing to the next level.

Eye-tracking studies show internet readers pay close attention to information-carrying images. In fact, when the images are relevant, readers spend more time looking at the images than they do reading text on the page.

“Source: Nielsen Norman Group”

People following directions with text and illustrations do 323% better than people following directions without illustrations.

“Source: SpringerLink”

Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.

“Source: Marketo”

In an analysis of over 1 million articles, BuzzSumo found that articles with an image once every 75-100 words received double the engagement as articles with fewer images.

“Source: BuzzSumo”

Who can benefit from using professional designs and high quality graphics?

  • Business owners who want their websites to stand out and need eye-catching graphics elements to improve their click-through rate and conversions.
  • Marketers looking for the best designs and graphics to create professional social media channels.
  • Consultants who need print-quality graphics for flyers, business cards and other print graphics to market their businesses.
  • Business owners who want to add stunning designs and graphics to impress their visitors with a quality and professional image.

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From graphics for ads, social media, banners, videos, Kindle and eBook covers to blog graphics, infographics, flyers, coupons, if you’re not using professional graphics for your business, you’re missing out on potential leads and profits.

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Qtova is a brand of the Amati Group LLC.
With years of experience, we know exactly how to create high quality graphics that will appeal to your target audience.
Regardless of the size of your business to the industry you operate in, we give you access to our design resources and professional creations.
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